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It is over with the maternity dresses home made from dungarees! 

Raáb Márta, designer of Waiting For You prepares first class maternity dresses for over 10 years in Hungary. The secret of her success is that the considers the fact that moms do not want to wear large sized T-shirts and jeans during the months of their pregnancy.

Moms of the 21th century wish to appear on social events, as main players or as guests. Most of the moms are working until the very last moments. These ladies cannot appear loosely or floppily. Recognising this need, Márta has made hundreds of moms happy with her fashionable, beautiful maternity wedding, smart and casual business dresses during the last 10 years.

Raáb Márta prepares her dresses with care, knowing that the dresses should accommodate the growing belly during the coming 9 months. A maternity dress of Waiting For You is always comfortable, feminine and beautiful during these months and even after delivery. Márta chooses natural and best quality textiles from Italian fabrics to prepare her fashionable maternity collection

She emphasizes not only the business casual fashion, but creates beautiful wedding dresses for moms. The wedding is very important for everyone, even if the bride is waiting for a baby. The same stands for any festive events, where moms shall appear in smart maternity dresses. That is why Márta prepares dresses for any kinds of social or festive events. 

While designing the Waiting For You collection Raáb Márta chooses high quality materials and creates fashionable maternity warderobe. Her aim is, that every mom finds her favourites, which fits to her stile and purse. She completed her collection newly with the BUSINESS LOOK wardrobe. Moms can choose now dresses according to their daily mood to go to work and still they will be in line with the most companies’ dress code. Beside fashion and comfort, prising was an important point when creating this collection. A business maternity dress shall not cost more than normal business dresses.

The dresses of Waiting For You were designed for the women of the 21th century, who follow the fashion and love variety and style in dressing and grooming. For those who like Hungarian designed and made dresses of high quality and prioritise value for money.


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